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    Stove Repair

    Appliance Service Center

    Experts in Stove Repair Since 1950

    Appliance Service Center has been specializing in stove and oven repair throughout Greater Chicago for more than 60 years. We service cook tops for both residential and commercial customers.

    When the stove top fails to work, gas burners won't light or electric burners don't produce even heat, call us for fast, expert repair. Our team of factory trained technicians, dispatched from several locations across Greater Chicago, has repaired any make or model of stove you can imagine.

    While stoves fail for any number of reasons, at Appliance Service Center, we always stress routine stove maintenance to help prevent problems before they can occur. For your information, we are pleased to provide the following tips to keep your stove in great shape and to save on energy costs for years to come.

    • Always keep your cook top clean for looks as well as for safe function. Cleaning is the most important requirement for maintaining a safe and nice looking stove top
    • Wipe away spills as soon as they happen. Don’t let them "cake"
    • Replace the drip pans when they become too difficult to clean. Dirty drip pans represent a fire hazard
    • leaning stove tops helps to reflect heat more efficiently

    Stoves can represent a real energy drain unless they are properly maintained and efficiently used:

    • Turn off electric burners a few minutes before food is done. Allow residual heat to finish the job
    • Use a sauce pan or fry pan that fits the burner correctly to allow efficient heat distribution. Air passes around a small pan which wastes energy

    Finally, get to know your stove maintenance manual. There is a wealth of information about stove troubleshooting to help you diagnose problems. Of course, Appliance Service Center is always pleased to answer your stove top repair questions. Please call us or contact our Customer Care Center online and we will be happy to assist you.