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    Dryer Repair

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    Established in 1950, Appliance Service Center has been Chicago's leader in residential and commercial dryer repair and dryer service for more than six decades. Our factory trained technicians, promptly dispatched from 14 different locations throughout Greater Chicago, understand that when a dryer fails, it causes a major disruption in the household.

    Dryer repair problems usually fall into four different categories: Dryer doesn't get hot enough, dryer is very noisy, the dryer drum is not rotating and the dryer door is not properly closing.

    Not Hot Enough

    If your dryer isn't getting hot enough, it could signal a dangerous condition. How long has it been since your last dryer vent cleaning? Having your dryer vent cleaned is extremely important, not only because it improves the function of your dryer, but because a build-up of lint can be a fire-hazard.

    Noisy Dryers

    If your dryer has become noisy, it may be overloaded or could have shaken away from its original position. "Shake-Away Pads" prevent the dryer from moving. Shake-Away pads can be purchased at many hardware stores or through our Customer Care Center. However, if noises persist, it probably signals a more serious problem and we should be called in to determine the problem

    Drum Won't Turn

    When the drum fails to turn, always check to make certain there isn't a power outage; lose plug or a popped fuse. If the door is open or not securely closed, the dryer will not spin as well. Outside of these issues we recommend contacting a professional to check electrical and component issues. Please do not attempt to fix the electrical system yourself due to safety issues.

    If your dryer door doesn't close, the dryer door latch assembly may need to be replaced. Appliance Service Center is pleased to answer your dryer repair questions. Please call us or contact our Customer Care Center online and we will be happy to assist you. ork.