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    Our Customer Care Center typically gets dishwasher repair calls relating to one of four problems: cloudy dishes, leaks, a failure to drain or making loud noises. The problems are not always due to the dishwasher itself but to other difficulties however, it is necessary to rule out dishwasher problems first.

    Cloudy Dishes

    In 2010, all phosphates were taken out of dishwasher soap. Phosphates kept dishes spot free. Between the times phosphates were removed and the enzyme formulas came on the scene, soaps that left spots were the only alternative. You may have soap residues in your dishwasher that are responsible for the cloudiness. Try switching to the new enzyme formulas and consult your manufacturer's manual. They may recommend a particular powder detergent that will work best with their cycles. If problems persist, a dishwasher repair may be in order.


    A common issue with dishwasher door seals is that they can leak. The seal between the door and the opening in the front of the unit is verified with the latch connection. When the seal is worn, a leak can be created as the machine sprays water on the dishes. It is also normal that over time, the chemicals in the detergent along with the heat of the water inside can break down a seal. Sometimes the problem can be solved by cutting back on detergent. Any plumbing connections like valves or seals connected to the dishwasher could be faulty which could lead to a slow leak from the connection. In all cases, our factory trained technicians can easily make the dishwasher repair when leaks occur.


    The most common reason for a dishwasher not draining is caused by a clog in one of the drain lines or a dirty air gap or strainer. Another simple error could cause this issue is an open latch. Check that the door and latch are properly closed to seal the system or it won't drain. If these fixes don't work, please call us for dishwasher service.

    Loud Noises

    Loud noises could be from the heater fan, motor, water-inlet valve, or a pump. Grinding could be caused by rusting or worn bearings or a fan blade may have become loose. Sometimes it's not the motor that that you hear, but worn bearings. If the bearings are rusty to worn, the entire motor and housing will need to be replaced on most models.

    However, sometimes newer model dishwashers may make a squealing or rattling noise before water enters the "cabinet." These noises can also appear if the unit hasn't been run in a week or more and the system is dry. If the sound continues the pump may have debris. The pump will need to be opened or replaced. If the sounds stop when empty, the sounds may be caused by the sprayer arms hitting something as they move. To prevent this, rearrange the dishes and continue the wash cycle.

    If the noises persist, please call or schedule an online appointment. The Appliance Service Center guarantee provides you with a one year parts and labor warranty on appliance repairs. We use only factory authorized parts.