Quality Washing Machine Repair
throughout Chicagoland

Nothing disrupts a busy household faster than a broken washing machine! We’ve seen it many times. As we’ve been in business since 1950, throughout Greater Chicago Appliance Service Center has repaired every make and model washing machine you can imagine (even some going back to 1950!).

Our factory trained technicians arrive on time, in uniform, and are fully prepared to deliver professional, efficient repairs to any washing machine repair challenge you might be experiencing. As part of our best practices, our technicians wear shoe covers and of course, leave your laundry room in spotless condition!

Usually, complaints about washing machines fall into five categories: Machine won’t spin, no water being delivered, won’t drain, makes loud noises or there’s a “bad smell.” Before you call us, you might try these simple remedies:

Won’t Spin

Is the lid or door securely closed? As a safety feature, the washer will not spin if the door is open. If the dispenser drawer is open on a front load washer, this can prevent spinning as well. Is the load out of balance? This can also prevent the washer from spinning. If the problem still isn’t fixed, you will need to call us or schedule an online appointment. One of our factory trained washer repair technicians will be pleased to troubleshoot your problem and give you an estimate before starting any work.

No water

There are two water lines connected to your washer and each line has a valve. If these valves are blocked or damaged, they will prevent the water from flowing into the machine. Outside the valves, there is a hose and a filter that should be checked for blockages. Simply removing the hose and clearing the blockage could resolve the issue. Make sure the water is turned off first!

Won’t Drain

When a washer won’t drain it is usually due to a clog. A common blockage problem is caused by infant or baby socks. It is recommended to use a washer bag for small items to prevent these types of blockages. If you cannot find a blockage, the water pump may need to be replaced or it could possibly be a worn pump assembly piece that needs changing. We are experts in washing machine repair and we can easily fix these problems.

Loud Noises

Most often when this happens during a load, it is caused by an item inside “clanking around” or an unbalanced load. You can stop the cycle and redistribute the items inside, remove a noise maker or bulky items. If the noise can he heard while the machine is running empty, then Appliance Service Center should be contacted. One of our factory trained technicians will be pleased to troubleshoot your problem and give you an estimate before starting any work.

Bad Smell

We get a lot of calls into our Customer Care Center about high-efficiency washers giving off an unpleasant odor. High efficiency washers are designed to use less water, and therefore can’t always wash away the residue left from dirt and soap. This residue can build up and cause the odor people complain about. We recommend the regular use of Affresh Washer cleaning tablets, specifically designed to get rid of smelly residue (keep the door open when not in use). Appliance Service Center is always pleased to answer your washing machine repair questions. Please call us or contact our Customer Care Center online and we will be happy to assist you.

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